Hair Transplant For Balding Crown – Is This a Good Idea?

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March 31, 2017
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Hair Transplant in Dubai

Thick hairs are always observed as a symbol of the young age. Unfortunately, some of the people start losing their hair at the young age. In this way, they look older than the people of their age that hurt their self-esteem and confidence. Usually, the hair loss occurs at the crown area and if you don’t focus on it then you may become bald. If you are a victim of the hair loss from the crown area and someone recommends you hair transplant as a solution then you get different questions in your mind. The first question that comes to your mind, ‘if it is a good idea to get a crown hair transplant?’

For sure, it is a good idea to get the crown transplant as you want to get your hairs back. However, you need to get aproper assessment to get to know if this treatment is suitable for you. Various factors contribute to it. First of all, it is necessary to know the specific causes that play their part in making you bald. After that, it is essential to know if you are a good candidate for getting a surgical treatment or not.

You Are A Good Candidate For Hair Restoration Surgery If;

  • Your donor area has enough hair supply.
  • Your hair loss is not continuous and it is under control.
  • Your scalp has enough laxity.

Discuss Your Requirements And Goals

It is highly recommended to discuss your goals and requirements with your surgeon and know if he has the capability to fulfill them or not. You need to get confirmation before getting the surgery. It is a one-time process so you need to be very careful in the selection of your surgeon. In your case, your specific goal is to fill your crown with hair.

Crown is the basic factor of your scalp that is observable by everyone. Also, the crown size matters a lot while getting the treatment. You need to get intense surgery if the size of your bald crown is bigger than your palm. On the other hand, if you have lost just a little amount of hair from your crown area till now then just one to two sessions will be enough for you.

If you have observed that you are losing your hair whether they are from the crown area or from the sides, just go for the treatment immediately. Timely treatment is the option. However, it is highly recommended to choose your surgeon for crown hair transplant in Dubai very carefully.

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