Hair Transplant Cost – What Does A Transplant Really Cost?

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March 31, 2017
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Are you wondering about the hair transplant cost? The charges of hair restoration surgery are different everywhere that depends on various aspects.

Following are some of the factors that play their part while calculating the cost. You need to know these aspects you that you can get an idea and discuss with your doctor afterward.

Important Factors In Hair Transplant Cost

  1. Surgical Type

Lots of types of surgical processes are available out there. However, you can select between surgical and non-surgical treatments. Some of the preferred treatment plans in surgical treatment are FUE and FUT transplant and PRP and Acell therapy in non-surgical treatment.

FUE is the expensive plan among all. The reason is that you will not get any scar or stitches through this procedure. Also, this procedure makes it possible for you to get fine and best results. One by one session is used to graft the hair follicles carefully. Moreover, more expertise are required to perform this procedure.

  1. Number of Required Grafts

Again, the number of required grafts vary from person to person. Basically, it depends on your requirement. Your surgeon will provide you an estimate after analyzing your scalp. Then, you need to ensure that how many grafts you require. If your hairs are not too thin then maybe 800-1000 grafts will be enough for you. But in case, if your hairs area extremely thin that you are going to bald then may you need more than 2000 grafts. Frankly speaking, most of our sessions are of more than 2000 grafts. However, you can ask your surgeon about any specific package that suits you. Dubai Hair Club is providing you specific packages that become cost-effective for you.

  1. Skill of Your Surgeon

The next aspect that matters in calculating the hair transplant cost in Dubai is the expertise and skills of your surgeon. It matters because highly skilled surgeons are in the demand and also quality always matter. So, if you want to get your services done by an expert surgeon that ensure the best results then you need to pay him more.

It is important to notice that all of our surgeons are highly expert and they got degrees and practicing experiences from abroad. Moreover, we charge less as compared to other clinics and providing quality services.

  1. Number of Required Sessions

Last but not the least, the next thing that matters is the number of sessions that are required to perform the procedure. It means, if you are less bald then you need fewer sessions and also you need to pay less. On the other hand, if you are completely bald then you need more sessions and so you need to pay more. However, we have some special offers for you through which you can get your services done in high-quality at discounted cost.

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