Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

hair transplant cost in dubai

The hair transplant in Dubai has gained fame for last few years in the western as well as Asian world. Dubai is one of the countries that is known for its advanced technology of hair restoration surgery. Usually, the cost for follicular unit extraction procedure may range from $4 to $15 per follicular graft. However, for FUT the cost ranges from $2 to $10 per graft.

Without any doubt, this procedure comes with the long term beneficial aspect as well as it is the perfect choice for people who want to get a head full of hairs. However, you need to take some important aspects in the account before opting for any surgery. Quality and cost are two most important factors. It is the fact that you need to pay more if you want to get the quality surgery. But you can get the high-quality services in low amount after doing proper research before getting your treatment.

Following are some of the basic factors that are important to consider when you are calculating the hair transplant Cost in Dubai. Read on to know more!

Number Of Grafts Required

The number of hair grafts that are required to perform the surgery successfully depends on the size of the area that requires treatment as well as the pattern of hair loss. If your bald area is prominent then you may need more hair grafts as compared to the person whose hair loss is just in the start. Usually, the cost of hair transplant depends on the number of grafts, the more the number of required grafts the more cost will be. Appropriate assessment is required to know the exact amount of grafts.

Surgical Technique

The selection of the technique is another factor that is very important in regards to the amount. FUE and FUT are the most used methods.

Hair transplant cost in Dubai

FUT method requires less amount as compared to FUE as FUT is the traditional method that leaves some scars, on the other hand, follicular unit extraction is the method in which manual punching is performed to complete the process. More effort, time, and expertise are required in this treatment.

Surgeon’s Expertise And Reputation

The surgeon’s fee is another factor that may make the cost less or high. This fee usually depends on the skills and reputation of the surgeon. If you want to get the surgery from the surgeon who is experienced enough to perform the surgery successfully then you need to pay more.

Location Of The Clinic

The location of the clinic is another factor that plays its part in the calculation of the amount. Hair transplant in Dubai clinics that are situated in the Dubai cost less amount as compared to ones that are located in the UK or USA.

Bottom Line

All the factors mentioned above affect the cost of hair transplant in one way or the other. However, it is assured that you will get a quality procedure in Dubai as hair restoration clinics in Dubai strictly follow the healthcare regulations.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Cost In Dubai

We are providing surgical as well as non-surgical hair transplant in Dubai. Acell and PRP treatment are two most important non-surgical treatments. Acell+PRP treatment costs almost $3500. However, this investment is worth enough as you will notice the observable results within 6-8 months.

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