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If you are also one of those million people who are concerned about a receding hairline and considering a hair transplant, then I think this post would be quite helpful for you. Because I will reveal all of those important points about transplant which you have never knew before.

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation actually replaces person’s lost hair or even the hairline by moving some hair follicles from the scalp which is called the ‘donor site’ to that balding area which is called ‘recipient site. It will just require the use of local anesthesia during the whole procedure, and it doesn’t cause great discomfort. Patients can easily watch TV show, or can take a nap during this complicated surgery. That’s why many people now prefer to take hair transplant from well known specialists who have years experience and provide most efficient results.
Here are few guidelines involved in your hair transplant procedure that you should know.

Surgery planning

There are multiple elements should be considered during this whole hair transplantation procedure. The surgeon needs to consider numerous things like the color, great quality and the proper density of the donor hair. Planning about the hairline is the significant step in this entire procedure. Doctor needs to analyze the face, and then he sets the hairline. These small elements greatly can affect the final result.

Process before surgery

The patient needs to properly shampoo his hair with a special provided surgical scrub just a day before the surgery process, as well as also apply in the morning of this surgery.

Preparation of donor area

Now the hair follicles need to remove from your donor area. So for doing this, the donor area should be prepared by properly trimming the length of almost 2-4 mm, which is followed by simply injecting the local anesthesia. After that, the area will be allowed to swell up, by injecting normal saline to rest of the areas and then after 10 to 20 minutes, the patient is completely ready for the surgery.

Removal of donor tissue

After that, the surgeon removes the hair tissue from your donor area. These complex tissues contain the hair follicles, which are actually used to produce permanent Hair restoration. The doctor will suture that donor area. After this, the sutures will be removed after 10 days of the transplant surgery.

Preparation of hair graft

The donor strips are actually divided into the exact follicle grouping, where each of the unit simply comprises couple of hair follicles. Then they will undergo multiple procedures before the final graft is declared ready for this placement. The patients can even relax while this time.
Post surgical process:

All surgeons do not prefer to bandage that area, but if some doctor prefer to do this then he should be careful to avoid the shearing. After the surgery, the patient will experience many tiny incisions and some short hair stubbles that are showing from some new placed grafts. But it will certainly heal quickly and the redness will clear up just within a week.

Hair transplant processes are quite complicated sometimes, that’s why it is very important to consult with best doctors for hair restoration process, because a little carelessness of the surgeon will involve the patient into a serious trouble. Consider all the steps carefully and make a wise decision for your future. Good luck!

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