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December 13, 2016
FUE Hair Transplant – A Cure of Baldness
December 14, 2016

There was a time when baldness was considered as a taboo. It was something that was linked to the prison time and punishment. Sadly, for some women, still, it is like a devastating disease. Most of the women hide their hair loss in wigs and they become desperate. Hence, it is something that can damage the self-esteem of a woman. I have seen many strongest women got depressed due to their hair loss. For such women, hair transplant is the best option.

Hair Loss Is Not Specific For Men

Some people think that hair loss can just happen with men, however, it is not something that is specific to men. Women are also the victims of this issue. There are various reasons of baldness in men that can be heredity disease or issue that arises due to the usage of medicines.

On the contrary, women are at the same risk for hair loss but their issue is not noticeable as in men. Actually, men lose chunks of hair that cause balding spots while women lose full strands of hair that causes thinning of hair.

Women Psyche about Hair Loss

Women psyche is very different than that of men. It has been noticed that if a man loses his hair due to any reason, he has the capability to overcome it. He loses his confidence but to some extent only. I have seen lots of cases where men have adopted baldness and live a happy life with it. On the other hand, if women go through thinning of hair or baldness they take it very seriously. They just got depressed and behave in a manner that nothing is left in their life. They start using wigs to hide this reality from others.


Effects of Hair Loss on Women

Losing hair is not an easy situation to deal with. Hair loss has bad impacts on women. It decreases their self-esteem and confidence level. They can’t adopt a beautiful hairstyle. They start feeling unattractive as hair plays an essential role in the look of a woman. In this way, they become frustrated and depressed. They start avoiding social events as they think they cannot be a belly of the ball so it’s better to stay at home.

How to Get Rid of Negative Effects?

Hair transplant is the best option to get rid of hair loss. Latest hair restoration techniques allow the best ways to get your natural hair back. FUE hair transplant is considered as the best method for female hair restoration.

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