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May 31, 2017
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June 1, 2017

Hair transplant in Dubai is considered as one of the best options to the natural hair back of more than 90 percent of the men. Well, what about women? Generally, it is observed that we link baldness with men, but women are also the victim of this issue. If we see a woman with hair thinning then most of the people think she has gone through chemotherapy. It is an unfortunate act of our society.

We need to provide awareness to the people that women also go through hair loss and they want the treatments just like men. Various causes play their part in making a woman suffer from hair loss. some of the causes include genetics, menopause, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, and other related health issues.

Is There Any Treatment For Women Hair Loss?

Are you curious about the hair loss solution of the women? It’s time to end your curiosity as Dubai Hair Club is providing various hair loss solutions for the women. Usually, PRP or mesotherapy treatment is recommended for the hair thinning. However, if you have severe hair loss then you need to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. She will analyze your scalp, health of your hair, overall health, and take your medication history. After that, he will suggest you the treatment. If you have severe hair loss that you are moving towards baldness then women hair restoration will be the recommended option for you.

Are You A Good Candidate?

You need to be a good candidate for hair transplant in this case. You will get your desired results only when you have enough laxity in your scalp and you have real expectations. Almost 2-5 percent of the women are agood candidate for the hair restoration surgery. Usually, PRP is recommended to get rid of hair fall.

You need to focus on the quality except for cost. We care for you, keep your expectations in our mind, and provide you the best hairline. It makes the difference in your looks so we always try our best to provide you the best hairline that is an essential part of the surgery.

Schedule A FREE Consultation

If you really want to get the best solution to your hair loss then you need to get benefit from our FREE consultation. Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we are charging any amount for the consultation session. We are among the leading companies of hair fall solutions in Dubai. Moreover, you will find us cost-effective when it comes to hair transplant cost in Dubai. Why are you wasting your time when you find the right place? Just fill the following form and become the part of getting this opportunity. When you fill this form, one of our experts will get back to you within the short period of time. Go ahead and book your consultation now before others!

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