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March 31, 2017
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March 31, 2017

Fuller healthier scalp is the need of every other person but when it comes to the females, it is something you can call, do or… you know. Females are relatively more possessive about the styling and stylish locks. The perfect one that compliments the beautiful dress. What if the scalp is losing to thinning, leading to baldness? Don’tworryladies, because the female hair transplant in Dubai is the permanent and ideal resort to get rid of this problem. So, here is how you going to get it, by first knowing the actual cause.

Its is normal to lose a few hundered’s of strands on the daily basis, and watching them acquiring in your brush. That percentage is perfectly normal. Though, if it increase, then it’s a problem. An alarm that needs reconsidering. That’s the point where you need to get to the root of the underlying cause that contributing in the issue. Some common causes that leads females to encounter baldness are as follows:

  • The sudden stress or trauma in femaleslead to the fall season on the scalp. The problem may not be seen initially but later it’s visible. Usually it gets fine a period of time, but for some it prolongs
  • Iron deficiency in female is common nowadays, it is also a contributing factor.
  • The female pattern baldness at certain age can attack some females, the pattern goes as widening of your partition styling on the scalp.
  • After the menopause, women go through several hormonal changes, that’s also the factor.
  • Women having stress or high blood pressure are also prone.
  • Other common condition is Androgenic Alopecia, that follows the pattern as:
    • Diffuse thinning over the scalp, theentire scalp or just noticeable towards the front of the scalp. And sometimes breaching of frontal line. All depends on the severity.

What is the Cure?

According to a research about 25 million women are affected as general. Although the cures are several that can only minimize the problem. But vanishing this problem entirely,and saying it a proper goodbye,nothingisbetterthanthesurgicaltransplantprocedure.Itisbeingfollowedbymanypeople, including women. The reason behind it successful approach is the benefits in the long run.

Surgical scalp Restoration

The procedure takes the healthy grafts from donor site and implants to the recipient site. The donor site is always the one healthier, usually back of scalp. The recipient site can be more than one. Such as bald patches in different areas of your scalp. To fill them in perfectly, the healthier grafts is needed along with, most importantly an experienced professional. The aesthetics and special care for maintaining the originality is essential for yielding better quality results.

There are many techniques that can provide rescue like the FUE. Perfect for pattern baldness problems. This technique involves extraction healthy follicles from the donor site and implanting on the recipient site. It’s less aggressive procedure with low level of scarring. There are also non surgical procedures too. But the one perfect for you is recommended by the trichologist after the detailed analysis of the patient’s medical history and scalp condition. Remember that, it all depends on the healthier donor site, as it’s all natural coming from the patient himself.

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