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May 12, 2017
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Eyelash Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

Do you know that your eyelashes are one of the most integral parts of your face? Yes, it doesn’t only provide good looks but also protect your eyes. The reason of lashes on the face is not only to enhance the beauty of your face but also to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes. The dust and dirt cause different types of allergies that are harmful to eyes. So, get pleases by this ultimate gift of nature. What about some people who lose them due to any reason, and what’s the cure?Hair transplant in Dubai provides answers to all of your queries.


Some common causes behind this loss in many people are as follows:

  • Genetic condition
  • Skin infection
  • Underlying health issues
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Inappropriate diet.

What’s Normal?

Usually, losing 1-4 eyelashes a day is normal but since you can’t calculate the exact amount, it is important to take special care towards maintenance. Apart from a sudden pullout or due to the applying of certain cosmetics such as mascara make them fall out. It generally takes months to grow back in their place. But since the strands are quite sensitive there relatively, so they should be dealt with precaution.

Eyelash Loss Conditions

There certain factors that are solely the ones that contribute towards the eyelash loss:

  • Ophthalmological conditions: blepharitis is an infection of the eyelid.
  • Dermatologic conditions: multiple types of dermatological conditions that result in madarosis.
  • Nutritional defects: Severe malnutrition can cause chronic hair loss.

Besides the surety of chemo, there are certain medications that also cause the loss, such as blood thinning or blood pressure medications.


  • The first thing is to stop the cause to have an effect.
  • Stop the excess if mascara usage. As it is the sure thing that 1 or 2 strands might fall out while applying or removing it. The excess of cosmetic usage should be avoided.
  • Consult a good skin doctor if you are having any skin infection.
  • Increase the intake of required amount of proteins in your diet, as it’sbeneficial for healthy scalp and the skin.
  • The medication isavailable for the cure of initial stages of the issue but reverses it when they are stopped.

Permanent Treatment

The surgical transplant of eyelashes is gaining success around, among many people. The reason besides the affordable hair transplant cost in Dubai is that the treatment provides permanent relief. As the strands are extracted from the candidate’s donor site and transplanted to the affected areas of the lashes area. The eyelash hair transplant is the one way out when the others have ended without required outcomes. It is the painless treatment as it’s done under local anesthesia and recovery is the matter of weeks with due care.

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