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How much is a hair transplant cost in Dubai? Are you looking for the best rates that can justify your investment and bear desired results? Then your search is over because your answer is here now. The surgical transplant in Dubai is providing the best quality treatment without compromise, along with optimum rates. That is why Dubai is known one of the countries with best procedures of hair restoration.

A Revolution Is Hair Restoration Treatment

The technology has taken the new advancements very far with more efficiency. Nowadays, the research is upon creating more efficient outcomes. And for that efficient techniques are required. Keeping in view this thought, the latest advancement in surgical hair restoration is the FUE hair transplant.

Without any doubt, this technique has revolutionized the surgical hair transplant procedure. Over the decade it has given many successful results and is a perfect choice for many people who want their hair back permanently.

Factors Behind Overall Procedural Cost

The cost of a procedure depends on certain factors that are:

  • The nature of baldness.
  • The density of the bald
  • A number of grafts required.
  • Sufficient donor availability.
  • Verified medical history of the client.
  • The technique to be used.
  • Surgeon’s expertise, reputation, and skill
  • Clinic location.

Keeping in view all these factors the FUE procedure cost range from AED 14 TO AED 55 per follicular grafts. A follicular graft contains about 1-4 hairs in it. So, if the bald area has more density, the more will be the cost. If it’s less, then cost also becomes lower.

Consultation A Trichologist

A consultation with a trichologist is essential before the transplant. Because the trichologist can examine the client’s scalp in person. So that, in this way the baldness density can be judged and the grafts requirement can be analyzed keeping in view the factors mentioned above. It can also help the trichologist to estimate the cost that will incur upon this procedure.

Single Investment Yields Permanent Outcome

It is a fact that the cost is high where the high quality is given in the treatment. But the point is, a one-time investment for a permanent baldness treatment is far better than investing multiple times for a temporary solution.

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