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March 29, 2017
Guide for a Perfect Female Hair Transplant in Dubai
March 31, 2017

The hair transplant in Dubai has now become a widely adopted procedure, known all around the world. This procedure is performed for not only scalp, but also for beard mustache in case of men and for women it do wonders for the eyebrow and eyelash too. The nutrition certainly have an important role in any self-improvement program. And the manner in which nutrition is being adopted after the procedure, may have some potential for causing loss or growth of newly transplanted grafts.

Ever think that why do people go through this particular procedure? Following are some of its obvious reasons.

⦁Maintain personal grace

⦁Fighting baldness for so long

⦁No other solution baldness and patchy scalp.

One of the main process after this procedure is the recovery and results. Its obvious, everyone wants their investments to bear fruit that is wonderful. It can only be achieved with proper care as instructed by the doctor. But there are many useful ways that can help towards faster recovery. Keep it natural, it’s more supportive.

The Balanced Diet

The intake of well- balanced diet is necessary for health as well as healthy scalps growth. It leads to the fact that for better regrowth, after the procedure, well balanced diet becomes more important. A diet that is deficient in essential nutrients, or deficient in essential nutrients over an extended period of time is not OK. It can cause malfunction in cells, including the cells in follicles.

Quick Advices to Remember

After having it done, patients want to get more and more benefits from the procedure. Here are some quick points to keep in mind.

⦁Food that is rich in calcium, magnesium, protein, iron and zinc is very beneficial for best results.

⦁It is always best to achieve nutritional goals through an individual’s normal dietary habits rather than opting the supplements.

⦁Avoid fast food or related items that are not nutritious/

⦁Simply halt the intake of food that lack essential nutrients, but only empty calories.

Healthy Food

⦁Go for green vegetables – spinach and broccoli for example.

⦁Fish is exceptional rich in nutrients.

⦁Get fresh fruits rich in vitamins

⦁Regular take milk- rich in calcium

⦁A diet that includes both nuts can likewise contribute to the healthy regrowth in the transplanted follicles.

⦁Consume a diet that includes antioxidant foods, such as squash, peppers and tomatoes.

⦁Control your oil intake. This not only helps in healing after the procedure, but also ensures that you get a good hair growth after the transplant.\

⦁Avoid smoking. It is already dangerous for health, and naturally not good for scalp health. Especially, immediately after this surgery.

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