Everything Every Woman Must know about Fake Eyelashes

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March 25, 2017
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Eyelashes serve as the feature that makes a person beautiful. Specifically, women beauty is linked with the beautiful and long eyelashes. Women try hard to make their eyelashes long and beautiful and when they cannot achieve it then they move towards the use of false eyelashes.

What Are False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are actually another name of artificial lashes. These lashes made with the synthetic hairs that are pasted on the eyelashes area. Nowadays, these lashes are well-known among people as they want to get thicker lashes to enhance their beauty.

Types of Fake Eyelashes

Flared and strip lashes are the two basic type of lashes. You need to be very careful when choosing these lashes for you specifically when you are applying them on your eyes. Don’t forget that eyes need to be treated very carefully as they are most sensitive than other body organs.

However, along with lots of benefits, these lashes come with various side-effects. You need to know them before going to use them to boost your looks. These lashes serve as the temporary solution. If you wear them more than a day or at the time of sleeping then for sure they cause infection in your eyes. The eyelash glue and fake eyelashes contain some chemicals that may cause side-effects to your skin or eyes. You may avoid these risks by checking the glue on your wrist before using it on your eyes.

Is there any other Way to Get Long and Thicker Eyelashes?

It is observable that people are using fake lashes and other fake ways to boost their beauty but they don’t want to use them. They want something permanent. If you are one of them who want to get permanent beauty without any side-effect then we have something for you. Eyelash hair transplant is a procedure that provides you thick and long eyelashes. This procedure allows you to get your natural eyelashes back with the help of a surgical process. Don’t worry by hearing the word surgery. This procedure is known as a surgical process because proper expertise are required to perform the procedure. Otherwise, it doesn’t come with any stitches or scars. You should consult a hair transplant expert to know further details.

How The Procedure Is Done?

Let me clarify the procedure for your assistance. Basically, one area is selected as the donor area on your scalp and the other area is the recipient area that is your eyelashes. Hair follicles are obtained from the donor area with the help of a punch tool and these follicles are implanted in your recipient area. This is how the procedure is done. Isn’t it seems cool? If yes, then let’s go to get the procedure to get your natural eyelashes back.

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