Dr. Ray Woods- A Pioneer of Paradigm Shift in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation – The Ultimate Solution To Your Baldness
June 6, 2017
FUE Hair Transplant Clinic In Dubai
June 7, 2017
Dr. Ray Woods

The FUE hair transplant in Dubai is one of the principal methods among many scalp restoration techniques. The specialty of this techniques is harvesting the follicular grafts in the group of 1-4 strands for the transplantation. For all the innovation and developments, the credit goes to Dr. Ray Woods, from Australia. He is the scalp restoration surgeon and the inventor of the follicular unit extraction procedure. Since 1989, he has put an emblem of achievement in the latest scalp rejuvenation procedure by introducing this technique.

About Dr. Ray Woods

Dr. Ray Woods is the Australia-based surgeon. With years of research and professional experience, he realized that the scalp restoration should be the easiest process to be applied. The research showed thatthe industry is using the most invasive methods for restoring hair. So, he proposed a surgical method that is less invasive. In this way, Dr. Ray Woods promoted an efficient way to save the careers and lives of many people from getting destroyed by the harmful techniques. Here are some of his achievements as feather success:

  • Revolutionized the scalp restoration industry with single unit extraction methods.
  • Internationally recognized as the inventor.
  • Confirm by numerous international TV documentaries and medical journal including the publications in Australia, USA, and Europe etc.
  • Countable successful results since mid-90’s.


The individual follicular units are removed from the donor site, usually back side of the head, one by one via micro incisions. Then, theses follicular grafts or units are transplanted to the bald areas. Monitoring every follicle placement is still a worldwide exclusive process that is introduced by Dr. Ray Woods.

The Best Aspects of Woods Technique

  • Gentle microsurgical procedure.
  • No scalpel, no stitches.
  • The technique is done under local anesthesia.
  • No intramuscular sedation.
  • The patient is awake and active to talk all through the procedure.
  • Available for everyone.
  • No strip removal.
  • No restriction, the client can drive home after the procedure.

It is the safest methods possible that Dr. Ray Woods has provided to the world. Being the pioneer of FUE procedure, Dr.Wood offers the world’s first follicular unit extraction procedure at his Sydney Clinic in Australia. He successfully conducted this procedure first at that clinic on the clients. After that, it has gained its immense importance all around the world. Now all the leading clinics are focusing on the implementation of this technique.

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