Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem Profile

Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem is a respected name in the cosmetic surgery circles. Dr. Gokhan completed his medical degree from the Ukorova University in Turkey before specializing in 2007. He is well acquainted with all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery and is Turkish Board Certified member in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Ozerdem also holds affiliations with a number of specialist organizations in Europe and Turkey. He is an expert in microsurgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Gokhan also is well at home with hair transplants.

He has had experience of performing hair transplants with the latest techniques not just in Turkey but also has been visiting clinics to perform these surgeries in UK and other countries in the EU. Dr. Gokhan also keeps up to date on the latest developments by attending seminars and workshops internationally on cosmetic surgery and hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Ozerdem also has been associated with clinics in Dubai and is currently performing his services in the port city as well. His hair transplant surgical services are available and those looking for a high class surgeon to perform their hair transplant can benefit from his services.