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January 2, 2017
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January 3, 2017

Lots of reasons are available to throw the pack of cigarettes in the basket and don’t use them again, however, the research has added one more reason to this list. Various researches have been conducted to reveal the fact and the results reveal that smoking leads to the hair fall. Yes, it may be strange for you, but along with many other devastating aspects, it also has the capability to make you bald. Smoking is bad for your overall health so smoking also counts in.

How Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Poor circulation happens in the smokers who have indulged in smoking for a long time. Blood serves its role as a vehicle through which important nutrients and blood travel in all over the body. The sufficient and proper flow of blood is necessary to make you healthy. Here the question arises how can smoking be a reason to your hair loss?

Basically, enough supply of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients is necessary to make nourish your hair. Some of the researches revealed that hair loss can worsen for the smokers as compared to non-smokers. As in the body of a smoker, the nutrients cannot supply to the scalp in a well-mannered way. Obviously when a specific part of the body cannot get enough supply of vitamins then it starts losing its effectiveness and performance.

Being a hair expert, I always suggest you to stop smoking in order to get healthy hair on your scalp. However, it is not an easy process to quit smoking but you need to do it for the sake of your healthy hair.

What will be the Solution?

If you are losing your hair and you want your hair back then you may think that what will be the solution then. Hair transplant is the latest approved method to get your hair back on your scalp. The hair transplant in Dubai allows you to get your natural hair back through the process of grafting. The hair grafts are extracted from one part of the scalp and implanted in the other part of the scalp where it requires. Till now, hair transplant is the best and permanent solution to the issue of hair loss regardless of its causes.

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