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April 10, 2017
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The majority of the people know the fact that smoking is injurious to health, but most of them aren’t aware of the fact that smoking is one of the basic triggers of hair loss. Actually, smoking is linked with various diseases that may include lung cancer, cardiovascular issues, impotence, and cough. Also, according to the results of recent researches,it leads to the baldness among males and females. These conditions affect almost 1/3 females and 2/3 males when they age. It causes the imbalance in their hormones. It seems that the people who smoke don’t realize in the start, but they are more prone to lose their hair as compared to other people.

Scientists have conducted different researchersin this regard and they have come to the conclusion that if you consume 20 or more cigarettes on daily basis then you are at the edge of experiencing hair loss as compared to the people who have never smoke acigarette.

hair-transplantThe researchers have clarified the aspect that smoking triggers damage in the genetic structure of the hair follicles that harm cells from their roots that are required for the appropriate blood circulation. When these roots become weak then the blood circulation also affected and the hair follicles weaken as a result.

If we become more specific to the smoking, it has distressing effects on the microvasculature of thehair papilla. Also, it may cause the impairment to the hair follicle and DNA. It makes the hair shafts thinner and makes the hair thin. Also, you should know the fact that it makes your skin look wrinkled and old. In addition to this, it shuts down the blood circulation towards hair follicles. Also, the smoke inhibits the flow of minerals, aminoacids, vitamins, and proteins from reaching the hair grafts. You should quit smoking for your health and good looks.

How to Quit?

If you or any of your relatives are going through smoking and want to quit, you can easily do it. Various rehabilitation centers are providing such services. The most important factor is your motivation. Once you are fully motivated then you can achieve this goal with the help of such institutes.

How to Get Baldness Treatment?

If you already lost your hair due to smoking or any other cause, hair transplantation in Dubai is the recommended way for you. This process allows you to get your natural hair back in the natural way. You should consult your doctor or an aesthetic surgeon to get the best suggestion in this regard.

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