Are You Losing Your Confidence Due To Hair Loss? Find A Solution!
April 21, 2017
Hair Loss In Men
Reasons That May Cause Hair Loss In Men
April 25, 2017
Does Obesity Cause Hair Loss

No doubt, hair loss has various causes. If we say that obesity also has a link with the hair loss then it is not wrong. Obesity doesn’t serve as the direct cause, but it affects hairs badly indirectly. The heredity is considered as the basic cause of the hair loss but lots of other factors also play their role in it. Various studies have revealed that obesity and hair loss are linked with each other.

How Are They Linked?

Following are some reasons that support this idea.

  • First of all, it is the fact that the person, who is overweight, cannot lead the healthy lifestyle. It is one of the basic reasons that may lead you towards hair thinning.
  • When you cannot indulge in the physical activities properly then the blood circulation becomes less that might be a reason for the disturbance in the health of hair grafts.
  • Another reason is that obese people consume more fatty acids that is a major factor of the hair loss and destruction in overall health.
  • Another factor that needs to be in the consideration is the level of stress and depression. It is observed that fat people are more prone to the stress and this factor becomes a contributor in the hair thinning.
  • Moreover, hormonal imbalance is also called by the obesity.

What is the Solution?

If you really want a solution to this problem then you need to consult a doctor. He will analyze your habits and daily routine and provide you some useful suggestions. Also, he will suggest you a healthy diet and the best treatment plan. If you are a fast food lover, then you need to skip it from your diet.

Possible Solutions To Hair Loss

Some of the solutions really work to get rid of hair loss.

  • You need to monitor your diet and exclude things that include fatty acids. Add the healthy foods in your diets such as the foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins.
  • Moreover, you need to exclude the triggers that lead you towards stress and depression. Mental health is really important to have physical health.
  • Hair transplant is another way that canhelp you in getting your hair back on apermanent
  • Are you new to hair transplant? Not a problem, we are here to discuss it with you. Hair transplantation is a procedure that allows you to get your natural hair back with the help of adopting surgical and non-surgical procedures. Surgical procedures include FUE, FUT, mustache transplant, and eyebrow transplant etc. On the other hand, non-surgical treatments include PRP treatment, Acell method, etc.

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