Did You Know What Might Be Behind Your Hair Loss?

Why Is So Much Of My Hair Falling Out
Why Is So Much Of My Hair Falling Out?
June 19, 2017
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How to Get a Perfect Summer Look with 3 Simple Hair Styles?
June 21, 2017
Did You Know What Might Be Behind Your Hair Loss

Are you facing baldness for long and there is no stop yet? The need of the time is to know what is causing it. Clearly, it’s a time of worry and distress for a person. Both men and women are prone to this problem. And nobody wants a bald scalp to show off. It not only gives more stress to a person but also lags down a person’s grace and self-esteem. Let’s go through the possibilities of common causes behind this problem.

First, understand the structure and working of the growth cycle. About 90% of the follicles produce strands, while the reaming percentage just falls out after 2-3 months. Then the cycle of growth continuous, hence replacing them.

  • This cycle goes over and over again. If the cycle stops at the resting phase, it stops new strands to grow while existing ones keeps on falling.
  • The strands are made up of the pure protein structures called the keratin. They respond to different conditions all of us go through in our daily routines. Such as taking the stress, underlying disease, psychological issues or any other environmental hazards.
  • Some people may experience alopecia areata repeatedly. A condition that causes the bald patchiness from any part of the body. That is why, even after growing back, the fall comes around again.
  • The male pattern baldness is considered a hereditary condition, influenced by the mother’s trait. So a look at your maternal grandfather’s scalp condition might give you a better clue of your future scalp.
  • This pattern baldness starts from a receding front line and temples area, then the crown. While in females it means overall thinning on the scalp, usually seen on top of the head. It is rare that women suffer baldness but mostly thinning is seen.
  • Your shampooing doesn’t cause the strands to fall out. It is already the fall condition has been started, and the strands become more visible on your hands and sink while washing.
  • Too much direct sun exposure makes the strands brittle. Hence, they tend to break and split easily. Covering scalp with a cap, scarf or use of sunscreen is recommended.
  • Check your diet pattern, of its full of undernutrition and empty calories, then you can expect it as the major contributor to scalp issues.

If your baldness problems are persistent than you need a permanent solution for it.  Best Hair transplant in Dubai is providing the ultimate treatments that can free you from scalp treatments anymore. The latest techniques efficiently harvest your healthy grafts to fill in the bald areas. The outcome is natural and proves the best one-time investment for hair transplant cost in Dubai.

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