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March 8, 2017
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March 10, 2017

There are many common causes of hair loss. You normally lose your hair to some certain figure on daily basis, but it’s an alarm if this figure increases. How would you know? Obviously when your hair brush is getting stuffed with more and more hair every time you have a hair-do. Many people have no idea that depression is related with the hair loss. Depression is a condition of a painful sadness that interferes with daily life. It disrupts the routine work and leads to an excess of anxiety.

Stress is clearly a cause of hair loss and you should immediately consult psychologist who can contribute a lot to help you deal with this on time. Because later, the problem becomes difficult to handle and can leads to a chronic condition. It’s not only a hazard for your health, but also for the health of your hair.

How Depression Causes Hair Loss

The stress in a depression prompts your white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing Alopecia. It can also push your hair into a prolonged resting phase, the phase called telogen effluvium,causing partial or complete hair loss. Your hair loss can become permanent and are likely grow back when your condition is back on track. It’s important the patient requires a detailed discussion of his/her medical history. So that the doctor can be able to properly recommend you a hair specialist.Hair transplant clinic Dubai ensures to evaluate patient’s health history before offering a specific treatment.

There are different ways t deal with this sort of issue

Reduce your anxiety

The solution is to reduce your anxiety. Get a proper treatment from a psychologist in this regard and get your hair back. Treating the depression properly can automatically improve your internal functionality. This may boost the follicular health again and your hair grows back. Remember, not all of your hair comes back after losing them. Hair growth is natural, we can’t still fight the nature but only help ourselves for the possible improvements.

Hair transplant

Obviously, you’ll never want to lose your remaining hair and get bald forever. You need a permanent solution for hair loss. If you have recovered from the depression, it’s good, and now you want permanent hair growth on your bald scalp, the solution is right there. Hair transplant in Dubai is giving excellent services to many clients and they are happy with the results. The good aspect of the hair transplant is that it’s permanent. The hair growth is permanent in the long run and you no longer have to worry about it.


There are many hair transplant techniques, the procedure is basically same. Harvesting the healthier grafts of hair from your scalp and implanting them to the bald area. The hair growth is visible in the time of weeks. After that, you can handle them like normal hair, and in the time of about 10-12 months, the scalp is full with great hair. the new grafts are so much blended with your existing hair that it’s impossible to judge the transplant.

This option is worth investing for when you are losing hope for good hair even after recovering from depression. So, get up and brace yourself up for funky hairstyles again!

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