Can Mesotherapy and PRP stimulate hair growth?

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April 8, 2017
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April 10, 2017

Mesotherapy and PRP are the treatment plans that are suitable for all as they are vitamins that are injected to the scalp to provide healthy hair.

The majority of us is suffering from the hair loss to some extent. We can easily observe a change in our hair volume that may happen due to genetic or environmental issues. The science and technology has proven fortunate for us. Now, we have got the ways to help the people who are suffering from baldness or hair loss. You need to notice the reasons that are causing this issue. Reasons may include hormonal imbalance, chronic stress, heredity, or any other related factor. The individuals, who are in the starting phase of hair loss, are the good candidate of getting platelet rich plasma therapy Dubai or mesotherapy for their hair loss.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy refers to the treatment that stimulates the ways to regrow hair for both genders. Also, it has the capability to delay the baldness. You need to notice some signs such as baldness, patchy hair loss, and hair thinning before getting mesotherapy for hair. Tiny needles are utilized to inject the specific vitamins in the scalp. This is how the procedure is performed. The specific vitamins make the blood circulation better and enhance the performance of hair follicles. Almost 5 sessions are required that are injected within 4-6 months. However, the quantity and time period depends on the individual need as every person is different from the other. Moreover, people want to adopt it because this procedure is less painful and you don’t need to wait for the recovery time period. There is no age limit and almost every person can be its candidate.

What is PRP?

On the contrary, the PRP treatment refers to the strategy in which the person’s own blood is taken and specific vitamins are included in it. After that, the injection is injected into the scalp or the area where treatment is required. The platelets are inserted in the scalp with the help of small needles. This procedure is just similar to the Mesotherapy. However, this procedure required almost 3 to 9 months to complete. However, follow-ups are required to maintain the procedure and regulate the results.

Most of the people have brought positive results through these procedures. Moreover, every person doesn’t want to get surgical treatment to get their hair back. These procedures are acceptable from all aspects. Also, these procedures have the capability to regulate the blood level.

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