Will Hair Transplantation Harm My Existing Hair?

Common Question About Hair Transplan
Common Question About Hair Transplant
March 1, 2016
Will I have a natural result with hair transplant
Will I have a natural result with hair transplantation? How is a natural appearance ensured with hair transplantation?
March 4, 2016
Will Hair Transplantation Harm My Existing Hair

Hair transplant is one of the many types of hair restoration techniques in the market offered by numerous hair clinics all over the world. It is also the answer to people’s hair loss and hair balding dilemma, especially when they have already tried and tested all kinds of oral hair growth medications, serums, creams, shampoos, conditioners and even the injectables which usually only work in the first few times but would eventually stop being effective in the long run. This may be because as we use oral medications and injectables with about anything, and most especially with treating hair loss and balding, we tend to get used to the dosage that it eventually stops working and patients would eventually seek for a higher dosage to make it work again. And this we know is not good to our health. Actually, this very much harmful to the body, and can eventually damage the liver. By that being said and done, Dubai Hair Club suggests that the best answer to hair loss and hair balding, especially for those who have passed the initial tests to be able to know if you are a good candidate for such procedure, is nothing more or less than a hair transplant technique.

The best candidates for a hair transplant procedure are those that are in their late 40’s, who have tried all hair growth medications available in the market but still there is no possible outcome, and to those who are already feeling hopeless with how they look and of course, individuals who are not taking any medications of serious illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other types of chronic illnesses. Smokers and frequent alcoholic drinkers must also need to stop smoking and drinking at least two to three weeks prior to the scheduled procedure to avoid side effects and other types of trauma post-surgery.

As for the main question, if hair transplant procedure can harm the existing hair of the patient? Usually, this question is always the concern by patients and yes, it is a very good point to be able to know what really happens after the procedure, and how does one take care of their hair transplant post-surgery Dubai Hair Club’s expert hair doctors says that hair transplant does not destroy the existing hair but it can shock it, during the whole recovery phase, which usually happens after the procedure where there is a possible swelling and bruising especially on the donor area. The donor are, if you still are not familiar with the terms used in the cosmetic surgery world, is the area where hair follicles or hair grafts are extracted, or also known as the area in the scalp where healthy hair grows. The donor area can be usually found on the back and the sides of the head.

The “shock” phase on the other hand is when hair from the donor area and the recipient area, or where healthy grafts are usually transplanted can go on a shedding phase. This is because the transplanted hair can temporarily alter the circulation of the scalp which can cause the hair to shed. But fret not for this is only temporary and in two weeks’ time abundant hair will regrow and expect your transplanted hair to be abundant as the years come by.

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