Will FUE hair transplantation completed in a single session?

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March 14, 2016
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Will FUE hair transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a type of hair transplant technique that is famously used nowadays for its less invasive procedure. The benefits of choosing FUE as technique for your hair transplant needs include, no stitches after the surgery, the donor area won’t look as drastic unlike when you get a linear stitches and scars from other types of hair transplantation technique, the results will be natural, the results will be permanent, the procedure is minimally invasive, recovery time is fast and just what every patient asks for, it is an outpatient procedure.

FUE transplant procedure is usually performed by physicians who have license in this type of cosmetic surgery procedure. In Dubai Hair Club, we do not allow our surgeons and physicians to handle such procedure if he either has expired hair transplant or cosmetic surgery license, and most especially we don’t accept hair surgeons and doctors in our company when they are not legally licensed at all. This is only to ensure that all our patients and clients will be handled by a team of expert hair doctors and surgeons that have mastered their chosen field of cosmetic surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE uses a tiny instrument which is one millimeter in diameter or even less to remove follicular units from the donor area that will be transplanted to the recipient area. This instrument is used to make tiny circular incisions around the follicular unit, so it will be easily extracted by the use of a tweezer-like instrument. The donor area is the part of the scalp that is usually abundant with hair. The donor area is usually at the back and the sides of the head. The recipient site on the other hand is the area in the scalp that needs to be restored, where hair loss and balding usually occur. After the follicular hair grafts are extracted from the donor site, physicians will then isolate these grafts to make sure it is in optimal condition before it gets transplanted to the recipient site. FUE hair transplant technique is commonly done by arranging the extracted follicular units into groups of one to four hairs per hair follicle to make the transplanted hair look more natural.

As for those asking if FUE hair transplant procedure can be completed in one session, the answer to this is yes and all hair transplant procedure are done in one session. No second session is allowed within a year for this type of procedure for the scalp will be swollen and hair follicles transplanted will be sensitive plus possibility of a hair shock should be carefully monitored. A hair shock is when hair starts to shed which is normal because later on a new set of healthy hair will grow.

A possible second session for hair transplant will be advised by your hair surgeon if after a year or more when transplanted hair has fully grown. Both the patient and the doctor can fully see the whole result s during this time line and if by any chance the patient wants to add more to the recipient area, then the his hair surgeon would probably suggest on a second session. But always remember, that it is not all the time that a second session for hair transplantation procedure is needed, it will always depend on the outcome of the first hair transplant that the patient had.

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