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Cheapest Hair Transplant Procedure
January 2, 2016
Causes of Hair loss in Females
Causes of Hair Loss in Females
January 4, 2016
Advanced hair transplant services

Currently, the most advanced and reliable procedure for hair transplant in Dubai is Stem Cell FUE. Also known as the direct automated FUE, the procedure is a relatively recent phenomenon. It works on same principle as the traditional FUE except for the extraction of follicles is done with the help of mechanized device instead of a manual punch. We shall see what makes Stem Cell FUE the best hair transplant option.

The number of grafts

First and foremost, the number of grafts that can be acquired through this procedure is 4000 to 4500. That is about a couple thousand more than the other options used.It allows greater coverage in a single session and better coverage on the scalp can be had.It also means that you will need a single hair transplant instead of two or more should you want more grafts.

Graft Size

The graft size with traditional FUE is about 1mm which is pretty good. However, direct automated FUE has a graft size of 0.5 to 0.7mm which is fantastic. The reason behind the smaller graft size being better is that it allows a more natural look to the hair especially in the hair line. Thinner hair look fantastic at the front of the scalp. The pinhole scar left by the follicle extraction is also very small and generally not visible to the naked eye.

Effects on the donor area

The donor area remains largely free from any serious scarring. The follicles are extracted in a random manner so the hair do not look bad in the region. Generally the hair do not grow back in the area where they are extracted from and other hair cover them. However with Stem Cell FUE, approximately 50% of these follicles grow back.

Success rate

The success rate of this procedure is said to be 100%. No follicles are lost during the procedure. Other procedures can have 10% to 30% follicular loss which reduces the overall effect of the transplant procedure.

Recovery period

Generally the recovery period for hair transplants is two to three weeks. However, in case of Stem Cell FUE, the recovery can take place within a week’s time. This also cuts down on the period where you need to rest only.Most activities can be resumed after this period if you follow the instructions by the doctor.

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