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February 18, 2016
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February 18, 2016
How Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Dubai Hair Club, one of the most reliable and trustworthy hair transplant clinic in Dubai is famous for its one hundred percent positive feed backs from all its clients. It does not only give out the best hair transplant results, it also offers the most reasonable price. Hair transplant procedures and techniques vary according to severity of hair loss and hair thinning. Not everyone who goes through a hair loss crisis is a good candidate for such procedure. In fact, every individual who seeks the help of a hair transplant surgeon should go under a series of tests first before the hair transplant surgeon will allow it. This is because hair fall, hair thinning or hair loss can happen to everyone. It can be caused by a certain illness, medication or for pregnant women who are going through a hormonal change. But this does not mean you immediately have to go for a procedure to solve this problem. This is why we do need the knowledge and opinion of the experts, and Dubai Hair Club is the best answer to your queries and doubts.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant is one of the many types of hair transplant procedures offered by Dubai Hair Club. This type of procedure is the newest of its kind for in the hair transplant industry and is known today as a breakthrough discovery in the field of science. According to studies and researches, stem cells could restore hair growth, andbecause the human head contains thousands and more follicles, researchers have found a gene called Wnt which can make stem cell hair transplant possible. By using the Wnt gene, it is possible to help wounds heal faster and help make new hair follicles.
Stem Cell Hair Transplant can cure different types of hair loss diseases and these include Alopecia Areata which is an acquired disease. This type of hair loss disease can affect any hair-bearing skin and this too can be passed on through genetics. So, if your parents or grandparents had it, then most probably a large percentage of it would mean that you or your offspring will have it too. Another type of hair loss disease that can be possibly cured by the stem cell hair transplant procedure is the Androgenetic Alopecia which is also known as the male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is only common among males and it often times starts with a receding hairline or a vertex balding. As for the females, severe hair loss and balding can happen as well and when it does it could possibly a disease called the Female Pattern Baldness which starts when the top crown of the scalp starts to thin until it widens all throughout the center hair part. Same as the issues with men, this type of hair loss in women can result to balding as well.

Why choose Dubai Hair Club for Stem Cell Hair Transplant? First, Dubai Hair Club is reliable and trustworthy, our company makes sure that our patients and all our clients will get all their money’s worth, and all re procedures are all in the reasonable price range. Dubai Hair Club assures all our clients that in our hands you will be safe and properly taken-cared of.

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