How long will it take to have the FUE hair transplantation Result After the Operation?

Will I have a natural result with hair transplant
Will I have a natural result with hair transplantation? How is a natural appearance ensured with hair transplantation?
March 4, 2016
How long will it be noticeable that I have
How long will it be noticeable that I have undergone hair transplantation?
March 14, 2016
How long will it take

Follicular Unit Extraction or also known as FUE is one of the many techniques available in the cosmetic world that focuses more on hair restoration and hair transplantation. This type of hair transplant technique is famous for it is minimally invasive which means the procedure is fast, plus the healing process as well. This procedure is also done in an outpatient status, where patients don’t have to stay in the hospital beds for long period of time. Down time is also minimal and patients are assured that they can instantly go back to their normal day to day lives and activities after the procedure

To understand fully how the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is done, Dubai Hair Club will explain further and in a more detailed matter how surgeons and hair doctors do this type of hair restoration technique. First step to getting the right type of procedure, we suggest that patients must first have goals, and these must include getting the right hair doctors and surgeons to get the job done properly and always make sure that your goal for getting this type of hair restoration technique is to get the best and natural results. To get on the right track with hair surgeon hunting, always do a research. Check out internet websites and contact or get into communication with people who have done hair transplant procedure in the past so you can get all your questions answered by someone who had an actual experience.

Check out feedbacks from past clients and for recent patients as well and if the hair clinic or hair doctor and surgeon have a lot of positive feedbacks that he could be the right person to do the job. If you already found the right surgeon to do the job, then the next step is to get a scheduled consultation. This process is also crucial for during this consultation you will be able to fully ask your doctor all your doubts, and just anything and everything that concerns you when you get the hair transplantation procedure. During this consultation, your doctor will be able to understand and label your hair loss and balding status by letting you go through a series of tests to fully check if you are indeed a perfect candidate for this procedure. Once all of those are said and done, then we can go straight to how FUE is done. First foremost, hair surgeons will administer local anesthesia on the donor and recipient area to keep the patient comfortable and pain-free during the whole duration of the procedure. The surgeon will then extract follicular units from the donor area or the part of the scalp where hair is usually abundant. The donor area is usually the back and the sides of the head. Once the hair follicles are extracted, it will then be transplanted to the recipient area, also known as the problem area.

FUE hair transplant healing process usually last for two weeks the most, but that would still depend on the healing process of each patient for healing time can be different with others. As for the hair growth, visible effects will be ultimately noticeable after three months. You, see hair growth needs time, it cannot grow in visible length overnight, but here in Dubai Hair Club, we assure our patients that even though three months may be too long for some people to wait, the results will be naturally and as the years pass, more hair will grow which means abundant and luxurious hair just like in your youth can be possible.

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