Is hair transplant is successful
Is hair Transplant Successful?
February 22, 2016
hair transplant for women
Hair Transplant for Women
February 22, 2016
hair transplant procedures

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore issues with hair thinning, hair loss and balding. Hair is every man’s crowning glory and sometimes we do take it for granted, but what we don’t know is that losing it someday can be possible. And it is for a fact possible that every man and woman of this lifetime will have to go through the process of hair loss and balding, for every one of us will have to go through the process of aging. As we already know, old age can cause us so many things; physically, we tend to be a little less active and a lot more fragile for the fear of breaking our bones when we do strenuous and wild activities. Changes in our looks will have to be evident in our old age as well; with loose skin, gray hair, slow metabolism, fragile bones and the one that everyone is dreading about, hair loss and balding.

Hair loss and balding does not only happen to aging people. There are other factors that cause hair loss and balding which can cause other individuals to experience it at a younger age. For one, there are illnesses that can cause hair fall and balding, and these include alopecia areata, mental illness such as severe depression and anxiety and hormonal imbalance. Heredity can also be a big factor to getting hair loss and baldness, which means it can be passed on to generations. Medications such as chemotherapy treatment for cancer pati8ents can also be one cause of hair loss and balding.
Hair loss and balding used to be a taboo amongst people who are going through with it, but fret not for in this modern day and age, issues such as these can be solved with just one click of a button.
According to Dubai Hair Club, one of the most prestigious hair clinics in Dubai, issues with your hair can be improved and resolved by going on the internet, searching the best hair surgeons and doctors in your town (may we suggest Dubai Hair Club), and clicking the website for scheduling at appointment. And that is the first step to reaching your goal of having the best hair restoration experience.
Procedures for hair transplantation include the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and transplant it on the recipient area, but what we don’t know are the hair transplant stages after the procedure is done. We often times discuss what usually happens during the procedure, that we often times forget that we should also be concerned about the hair transplant stages of healing and recovery which is one of the best factors to achieving a successful hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant stages of healing and recovery: after surgery your scalp will tend to be very tender, swollen and may also have bruises due to the extraction and transplant of hair follicles, so your doctor will prescribe oral pain killers and antibiotic for the whole duration of your recovery stage. On the first day after the surgery, your doctor will instruct you to very gently wash your hair and scalp to get rid of any blood. Swelling and bruising will go down after a week, and on the second week, hair grafts will be firmly in place. But watch out for some shedding; fret not, for this is normal. In the succeeding months hair will continuously grow and after a year or two, results will be very much visible already.

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