FUE No Shave Technique Hair Transplant
February 18, 2016
How Stem Cell Hair Transplant
How Stem Cell Hair Transplant Works?
February 18, 2016
moustache tranpl

Facial hair transplant is widely used and somehow one of the most in demand cosmetic surgery procedure these days. This type of hair restoration procedure helps repair hair thinning, hair loss and balding in the upper lip area where mustache usually grows. This type of hair transplant technique is perfect for men who wish to have prominent mustaches. Other facial hair issues that can be solved by this type of hair restoration technique also include cover up for unsightly facial scars caused by accidents and acne scars. Hair transplant for mustache is also the best procedure for those who want to cover up their congenital split in the mouth, also known as cleft palate. Usually procedures for such are only suggested for those at the right age to have a mustache.

According to Hair Club Dubai, one of the most prestigious hair clinics for hair restoration and hair transplantation procedure, the loss of facial hair may happen to anyone and it can happen at any age as well. Some of the number of reasons why hair thinning, hair loss and balding in the facial region occur is due to genetics, which means when your father has it or your father’s father had it, then the probability of you having it or the next generation after you is a hundred percent possible. Other reasons for loss of facial hair may also be the cause of surgery, burns and injury. Others who used to get hair laser removal may also have problems of growing their facial hair back if they eventually change their minds and desire to get a full beard in the long run. Hair transplant for mustache can be done in different levels and these include the cover-up which is perfect for those who only wish to cover certain areas with scars; fill-ins is perfect for those who wish to only add a little volume to their sparsely growing mustache and the full restoration which perfect for those whose mustaches are non-existing.

Hair transplant for mustache follows a step by step procedure which according to Hair Club Dubai is as follows; the surgeon will first administer a local anesthesia or an oral sedative to the patient to make sure he is pain free and comfortable during the whole duration of the procedure. Next, the surgeon will then extract healthy hair follicles from the donor area, suggestively the sides and the back of the scalp which hair is usually abundant, then all these follicles will then be transplanted to the recipient area or the problem area which is the upper part of the lip where mustache are supposed to grow abundantly. Patients will then go through a recovery stage which usually last for five days the least, for swelling and bruising will still be visible during this stage. Hair Club Dubai surgeons and doctors usually suggest to keep the area dry all the time and should not be applied with any kinds of beauty products, unless prescribed by the surgeon who did the procedure himself.

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