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February 22, 2016
Common Question About Hair Transplan
Common Question About Hair Transplant
March 1, 2016
hair transplant for women

Hair transplant for women is as much as in demand as it is with men. According to research, men have always been the one commonly affected by hair loss and balding, but then again this dilemma can happen to women as well. This is why hair transplant procedures and techniques are not only exclusively offered for men but for both sexes as well. What is the common causes of hair loss and balding in women, if you may ask? There are so many factors that can be the root of excessive hair loss which can lead to balding in women and often times it is always starts with heredity. This means anyone who experiences excessive hair loss in the family can pass it on to the next generations. Other factors also include severe stress, depression, anxiety, poor nutrition, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle which also include excessive drinking, smoking and taking prohibited drugs. Hair loss and balding in women can also be caused by hormonal imbalance which happens during pregnancy, after childbirth and during menopause. Other serious illnesses that can cause this dilemma are iron deficiency, cancer and Alopecia Areata. Other factors that we tend to not give importance is our actual day to day hygiene which sums up to how we take care of ourselves, and that simply includes are crowning glory too. Proper hygiene is when you take a bath everyday to rid yourself of dust and germs in our body. Our hair is one of the most exposed parts of our body, next to our skin which the scalp on our head is part of. So, when you have poor hygiene, or does not wash your hair and scalp on a regular basis, then the possibility of not being healthy and losing it to hair fall and balding is a hundred percent probable cause.

Hair transplant for women, according to Dubai Hair Club is one of the most in demand type of hair restoration technique all over UAE. The procedure is not only limited to individuals going through the process of old age but for the younger generation that have been experiencing the same dilemma as well. One of the many reasons why hair transplant for women have been created is to give solution to female pattern baldness which is also known as Alopecia Areata. This illness is an autoimmune disorder which affects over thirty million women all over the world. There are three stages of hair loss in women according to the Ludwig Scale, and this includes Stage 1 where baldness is less severe and usually starts by a visible thinning on the top of the head. Stage 2 is when hair loss is more evident where the scalp is already showing through the thinning hair and lastly, Stage 3 where patient usually experiences completely losing the hair at the crown of the head.

Hair transplant for women follows the same procedure as what is done during hair transplant for men. Hair follicles will be harvested from the donor site and will be transplanted on the recipient area. The amount of hair that will be extracted will depend on how wide the problem area would be. The whole hair transplant for women procedure usually last from five to eight hours, again depending on how severe the hair loss and balding will be.

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