Eyelash Hair Transplant in Dubai

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February 1, 2016
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February 3, 2016
eyebrow hair transplant

Our body and facial hairs may only have two uses, it can either be an additional factor to making us look good or it is the reason why we feel insecure about ourselves. Your hair in your head will always be your crowning glory; this is why we go to salons for our regular treatments, trimmings and whatnot. This is too is the main reason why we buy and try so many hair beauty regimens that could keep it looking healthy and shiny. What with all these shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair cuticle strengtheners, leave-on strengthening sprays, cuticle shine serums and hair color enhancers available in the market if 99% of the population is concerned about how their hair look? This too is the same with the other parts of our bodies that have hairs; of course the ones that need to have hairs like our eyebrows and eyelashes. The other parts, well you can treat that as an unwanted hair, most especially for the women who hate being hairy everywhere else.

Eyelash hair transplant in Dubai is the new breakthrough of cosmetic surgery where once never really a concern by most people, but because technology evolves and discoveries happen on a day to day basis, beauty restoration such as this can be done in just one snap of a finger. Although, the eyelash hair transplant procedure has a very intricate and detailed step-by-step technique to follow for a successful outcome, and a snap of a finger is simple a state of mind, anyone can for a fact get this type of cosmetic surgery just about anywhere in the world.

Dubai Hair Club, a well-known, most prominent and most reliable hair transplant clinic in Dubai and the whole of UAE offers one of the most renowned eyelash hair transplant in Dubai. The best candidate for this type of procedures are those who wish to get a more fabulous looking eyelashes that spending a ton of money on very expensive eyelash mascaras and hair grower serums should be a thing of the past. Who wouldn’t want to wake-up every morning to an eyelash on fleek, anyway? Of course, most women who are into makeup and have learned about the beauty of eye makeup looks have discovered that having longer eyelashes can enhance any eyes even more. Longer eyelashes according to renowned makeup artists also mean sexier looking eyes.

Dubai Hair Club offers two types of techniques for eyelash hair transplant that these are the FUT and the FUE. Under local anesthetic, you hair transplant surgeon will harvest micro grafts from your scalp, which is the usual donor area for eyelash hair transplant procedure. The surgeon will then implant the harvested hair follicles to the eyelid individually, making it as small as possible by trimming away excess fat and dermis from the follicles itself. This procedure usually takes two to three hours depending on the amount of hair follicles to be harvested and implanted.The after care should include an anti-itching medication and an antibiotic for the swelling, a normal after-effect of the surgery which will be prescribed by your hair doctor for the whole duration of the healing stage.

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