Does hair transplantation have any risks?

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March 15, 2016
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April 18, 2016
Does hair transplantation ha

Hair transplant is one of the most sought for type of cosmetic surgery procedures for those who have issues with severe hair loss and balding. This type of issue is usually common among men and women in their late 40’s to 60 who are going through the process of aging. You see hair loss and balding is pretty much common with people in their old age, some may be subtle compared to other who are experiencing severe hair issues but yes, everyone has to go through these changes. For those who seem to have tried and tested almost all available hair growing serums and medications in the market but still end up disappointed then we suggest to get a hair transplant procedure to end all your hair loss woes.

Dubai Hair Club, one of the most prominent cosmetic surgery and hair clinics in Dubai, and the whole of UAE believes that not all is a good candidate for hair transplant. The best candidates for this type of hair restoration technique are those that have been suffering with severe hair loss which ended up having unsightly bald patches on their scalps. Individuals who also have been balding for many years and whose patterns have stabilized are the best candidates for hair transplant procedure. Other candidates also include men and women who lost their hair from accidents, traumas and burns, and both men and women who have lost their hair due to other cosmetic procedures such as facelift and other types of facial restoration procedure. Other reasons why hair loss and balding is rampant is due to the effect of heredity where genes that has balding issues can be passed on from generations to generations, so if your dad or grandad had it then most probably you will have to go through with it yourself as well. Illnesses such as alopecia areata is also one of the common reasons as to why prominent balding in both men and women can happen.

Hair transplant may have its perks and advantages, and could be the answer to end hair loss and balding issues, but just a little heads up for those who are planning to get one in the future, that all good things, especially in the name of beauty, must need to go through a little sacrifices sometime. For procedures such as this, risks and complications is a common thing and with hair transplant procedure, the risks may include soreness, swelling, bruising, bleeding, itchiness, scalp laxity and sometimes infection. But patients need not to worry as these types of complications are very much common post hair transplant procedure is done.

According to expert hair surgeons and doctors at Hair Club Dubai, if patients tend to experience these types of complications, they would usually prescribe them with antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and will add pain medication with that as well if patient would request for it. Prescription for anti-inflammatory to lessen swelling will also be prescribed for often times after the surgery, swelling on the donor site, recipient area and the area around the eyes could happen. Anti-itch creams and medications will also be needed especially during the time when everything will start to heal for areas that have had the surgery will be itching until the scabs have fallen off.

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