Do You Know the Procedure and Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?

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Having a new scalp of healthy and shiny hair by electing hair transplant procedure that is something for what no one can keep silence about. Hair Transplant clinic in Dubai is one of those who has launched numerous undetectable processes for hair restoration. The doctors at Dubai hair transplant clinic offer undetectable modern procedures including FUT, FUE, Artas Robotic hair transplant, organic hair transplants, mesotherapy and many other innovative methods for the permanent solution. With the launch of these latest techniques, it has been noticed that a growing number of people are eager to remain their hair transplants under wraps. Some of them want to hide their baldness or thinning hair from their own dearest ones.

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to stable the process of rapid hair loss or growing thin. In this process, the surgeon extracts the healthy follicular units from different parts of the body, especially the surface areas of the head in order to implant new follicles into thinning or balding areas. It fills the areas of your head with new moving hair that have already replete with thin hair or bald. It often depends on the patients that how many strips do they require for their donor areas. As there are many common surgical procedures it involves such as ‘strip harvesting’ or Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) which allows surgeons to extract a single strip of the scalp.
Another hair transplant surgery involves follicular unit extraction (FUE) in which follicles are being extracted once so that the hair can grow in a natural way. It is the latest method of grafting a number of strands on the head and avoiding to create a linear scar in the back of the head. This method is very popular among the adults who are now 30.
The grafts will take time as per the condition of the patient’s donor area. It will depend on the size of the grafts that the patient has adopted to restore his hair. Modern Robotic FUE technique has made it easy to perform the transplant surgery on the scalp without harming or shaving the head before the treatment and also avoid making scars with strip method.

How much does a hair transplant surgery cost?

Due to the diversity of factors and their reasons, the cost of each procedure is different from the other one. Each patient has his own requirements which directly impact the expenditure of hair transplant surgery. To know about the exact hair transplant cost for your scalp, you should make some dialogue with your expected surgeon and discuss about the surgical options that which one will be suitable for you to cope with the balding or thinning hair.
If a large degree of hair is moving on your head then the cost of that hair transplant surgery will be between $5,000 to $20,000 which is for sure not less. The modern hair transplant surgery is expensive because of its qualitative and non surgical features. Although, it does not make any linear scar on the head but sometimes, it takes a long period for the complete recovery. Whereas, on the other hand, the previous treatment of growing hair was not much expensive as it has had some risky elements too, including infection, scarring, bleeding and pain for the patients. In such cases, the surgeons or doctors used to prescribe some antibiotics or medications to give some relief to the patients.
With the latest and cost effective procedures, healthy fresh locks are to grow on the scalp that are permanent. The recipients who have spent a lot of money over these modern transplants, shared their experience that hair transplant surgery is the best for frugality. Instead of spending on luxurious expensive cars, hair transplant is a very good investment, indeed.

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