Do you Know About FUE and FUT Hair Transplant?

Do You Know t
Do You Know the Procedure and Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?
April 29, 2016
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May 3, 2016
Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss or thinning hair is somewhat which has become the most irritable issue. Although some people belong to different groups and traditions have no problem in being bald, but it is a nightmare for others. Fortunately, hair transplant clinic in Dubai has launched hair implantation procedures that are capable to cope with this dilemma. In this modern era, there are two types of hair transplant surgery that are very common such as FUT and FUE. Due to the complexity of their features and standard names, both are abbreviated individually. The former one stands for Follicular Unit Transplant and the later one is known as Follicular Unit Extraction.
FUT in Dubai serves the same functions as it does all across the globe. FUT is also known as Strip Method which creates a big scar from ear to ear on the back side of the head. A surgeon before cutting a number of follicular units from the donor areas, gives a local anesthesia in that donor area and then cuts the strip of tissue from the scalp. Thus, it typically creates a wide scar that can easily be hidden by the growing number of strands.

On the other hand, FUE in Dubai has a flexible pro to grow short and desired hairstyle on the head. It is a good option for those who have experienced the traditional way of strip excision and want to repair their donor scars.


Both transplants yield good and satisfied results for the recipients as the duo involves surgical procedures of hair transplant. Hence it is important to consult with the surgeon that which one is required to your donor scalp and what procedure is to use to extract the donor hair. The hair transplant surgery often takes many hours to implant the donor hair. They both procedures are different in making the consequences such as;
FUE is a permanent solution for downsizing the donor scars on the head. Whereas, FUT makes wide strip scars on the back of the scalp.

FUT involves extracting small strip of tissue from the back of the scalp to extract the donor hair follicles, whereas FUE directly takes the follicular units without removing any strip of tissue.

The patients with bald on large area should opt FUT procedure to cover it, whereas FUE is suitable for those who have small areas of baldness.

FUE should be opted by those who want shorter hairstyles on their scalp while the people with the desire of having long hair should go for FUT.

The healing time of small holes created by FUE will take short while the linear scars of FUT will take long period.

FUE is useful for those who have a donor scar.

It enables the recipient to harvest a degree of hair and also provides alternative method when the skin is very tight due to strip excision.

FUE has an inability to grow all the hair and increased the number of grafts whereas FUT allows to utilize the whole scalp area.

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