Best FUE Hair Transplant Method/Procedure in Dubai

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November 17, 2016
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FUE Hair Transplant in Dubai

Nowadays, hair transplant is one of the most used methods for getting hair loss treatment. Among all other methods FUE transplant is most used due to its less invasive nature. The FUE treatment method doesn’t leave any scar as strip method does. Basically, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and then implanted in recipient area very carefully. The donor area can be back or sides of scalp and recipient area can be your scalp or facial areas. A specific needle tool is used for hair grafting.



Why FUE Is Most Used Hair Transplant Method?

Numerous advantages of FUE hair transplant make it the best and most used method by surgeons.

  • No Scar Procedure

This procedure doesn’t leave any scar on the skin. Moreover, the angles of hair can be easily managed with this method. Less downtime and recovery time is required after getting this treatment because it is a less invasive method.

  • Extraction of Follicles Is Not Limited

The availability of more hair follicles is possible due to the maximized experience of FUE surgeons. The FUE surgeons have the capability to get hair follicles from all permanent areas. Moreover, the physicians may select the follicular units with proper care that will provide more hair in a graft.


FUE Hair Transplant


  • Hair Transplant Surgeons Are Required

FUE surgeons have the capability to separate the follicular units so they don’t need any surgical techs to do this task. They ensure maximum survival of hair grafts as they perform each and every step on their own. They don’t need other surgical techs to perform any task for them.

  • High Survival

The transaction rates of FUE is low while the survival rates are high. The survival rate of FUE is high so it provides a natural appearance to the patient. The results of FUE transplant is high and so natural even no one can say that you have ever gone through any hair transplant.

  • Expected Results

The results start to reveal after some days of the procedure. Also, the recovery process is fast if you do proper care and follow instructions of your surgeon properly. The results of FUE hair transplant are guaranteed and long-lasting.

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