What Causes Hair Loss Leading To Baldness
January 30, 2017
Should I Get A Hair Transplant Or Wait For A Cure?
January 31, 2017

Both genders of all age groups are affected by the issue of hair loss. Some cases are witnessed in which the bald patches are started to visible in the starting of 20s. The life of the victim becomes a disaster but he/she can’t blame anyone except his/her genes. The bald patches become wider with the passage of time and the person gets completely bald till the age of 40 or 50 years. Hair transplant provides the solution to this disastrous problem. Hence, the question arises “what is the best age for hair transplant?”

Ideal Age for Hair Transplant in Experts’ Views

The leading specialists and experts of hair transplant reveal their view about the ideal and best age for hair transplant. According to them 40 years or above is the age when a person should seek a hair transplant. However, it differs according to thecomplexity of individual cases. Though, the reason behind the viewpoint of experts is that the baldness becomes settled in this age of the person, and so the person can get the best hair transplant treatment at this time.

If you feel that you are started losing your hair then you need to visit a surgeon and go through a complete process of assessment. During the assessment, the surgeon needs to check the nature and condition of your scalp, the donor and recipient area, take your medical history, and administer some important medical test. As a result, he will let you know about the exact state of your issue and a solution to your problem.

You should visit Dubai Hair Clubif you are seeking a hair transplant in Dubai. Our expert surgeons provide a complete and careful assessment. At the end of the assessment, they come up with the best solution to your problem. There can be various reasons behind your baldness. You may experience it due to genes, it may be environmental or there can be any other issue. The identification of the exact issue is necessary at initial stage so that treatment can be done accordingly. For this purpose, assessment is necessary.

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