Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai


A patchy beard doesn’t really affect a person who is clean shaven. However, those who want to keep a beard don’t ever like patchy or thin beard. The beard hair transplant is the surefire way to get a strong beard and add a lot of confidence to one’s personality. It is a great way to have a robust appearance that can is noticed by all and sundry.

Causes Of Beard Hair Loss

There are numerous causes behind hair loss in beard area. Have a look on some of them.
1- Amount, density and thickness of facial hair greatly depend on the genetics. So, genetics is one of the main causes.
2- Hormonal imbalance is another important factor that influences development of facial hair.
3- Scarring may also lead to patchy beard.
4- Certain medical conditions like thyroid disease and autoimmune disorder also cause beard hair loss.

What Is Beard Transplant Treatment?

Beard hair transplant is the surgical procedure in which either FUE or FUT technique is used to extract hair from your scalp and implant them in the beard area. The procedure may take few months to show the results but once you get them, they will be permanent. More and more men are opting for this procedure to regrow thicker facial hair.Hair transplant in Dubai treatment is one of the permanent solution for all types of hair loss.

Who Is A Candidate?

You are a good candidate of beard transplant if;
1. You are unable to grow a beard.
2. You have bald patches in mustache and beard area.
3. You have facial scars because of burn, or incisions.

Goals/Aims of Procedure

  • The main goal is to get the sense of manliness.
  • To get enough density on beard area.
  • To get rid of bald patches on specific area.
  • To improve your love life.


You want to get best and desired results then you need to do careful preparation for your beard transplant. Following are some instructions in this regard, however, you should consult your surgeon for a detailed guide.

  • Start performing exercises for 28-30 days before your treatment as instructed by your doctor.
    • Perform all prescribed tests before 1 week.
    • Stop using any type of hair loss medication.
    • Avoid using blood thinners for 14 days before treatment.
    • Avoid alcohol consumption for at least 7 days before treatment.
    • Take a health breakfast before going for the session.
    • Avoid use of caffeine in any shape for at least 1-2 days before treatment.
    • Don’t perform heavy exercise.
    • Avoid applying of lotion or any other cosmetic product on your face for a day or two before treatment.

Beard Transplant in Dubai (Video)

We care for our customers so we are posting a video from YouTube to let you know about the actual procedure of beard Hair transplant in Dubai. We know the fact that most of you are afraid of getting a hair transplant because you think that you would go through a strict procedure. The purpose of posting this video is to explore the reality of beard transplant procedure. Soon, we will upload our video that is in progress!


The beard hair transplant works on the same lines as regular hair transplant. The planning is done to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. The procedure with which hair transplant is to be performed is selected. Either of Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is used for this purpose..

Administration of Anesthesia

Type of anesthesia to be used during beard transplant depends on the technique selected. Local anesthesia is used in the surgery done using FUE hair transplant in Dubai technique while general anesthesia is used in FUT.

Extraction of Grafts

Then grafts are extracted from the donor area (back and side of the scalp). In FUT a strip of scalp is removed which is then dissected to get follicles while in FUE hair transplant in Dubai, hair follicles are extracted using a specialized punching tool..

Preparing Recipient Area

Recipient area that is beard is prepared for graft insertion with small needles. Insertion of grafts Finally, hair follicles are inserted in the incisions made in a special direction..

Post-Op Care And The Recovery Time

Post-op care is necessary if you want to get desired results. Usually, it takes up to 7 months to get proper recovery. However, you need to follow some instructions.

  • Don’t use blood thinners for at least a week after surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for almost 10-12 days after surgery.
  • Don’t move in the direct sun-exposure.
  • Follow the instructions to shampoo your mustaches as described by your surgeon.

Results And Benefits

The results are not instant and it does take some time for the beard hair to grow. The transplanted hair tend to fall within a couple of weeks which is known as shedding and after about three months, the new hair start growing. Within three to six months, you can enjoy a thick beard of your liking.

A patchy beard doesn’t really affect a person who is clean shaven. However, those who want to keep a beard can hugely benefit. The transplant is the surefire way to get a strong beard and add a lot of confidence to one’s personality. It is a great way to have a robust appearance that can is noticed by all and sundry using hair transplant in Dubai.

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