Be Proactive & Get Your Eyebrow Hair Restoration In Dubai!

Get a Hair Transplant for Your Receding Hairline
Get a Hair Transplant for Your Receding Hairline
July 20, 2017
How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai
How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai?
July 21, 2017
Be Proactive & Get Your Eyebrow Hair Restoration In Dubai!

Our eyebrows are a vital part of our facial structure. Some say that eyebrows are placed on the face by nature to neutralizing the face. Furthermore, eyebrows are a useful asset to show your emotions on the face in a better way, for example, a perfect grin, just saying. There are many people around us who may lose their eyebrows due to any reason.

The eyebrow hair loss has various factors behind it from hereditary issues to alopecia or underlying health or skin problem. The best FUE hair transplant in Dubai has now come to your rescue in order to restore your eyebrow permanently. This technique has innovated the recent age of surgical hair restoration and eyebrow hair transplant in one of its applications.


Eyebrow hair restoration is one of the most amazing techniques helping many to reverse the eyebrow hair loss. In this procedure, the healthier grafts from the donor area are transplanted to the bald areas of the brow. It is done with special skills and aesthetics keeping in focus the direction of hairs and shape of the brow. This procedure is said to be one of the improved developments to help people get back their good looks again.

Pre-Op Instruction

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and any blood thinning medicines by consulting your physician.
  • Go for prescribed tests by your surgeon that are required to judge if your medical condition is fit for this procedure.


  • The recipient area, the brow area that needs to be treated is numbed by giving the local anesthesia.
  • The follicular graft is harvested using a special tool, from the donor area that is back of the scalp for men and from above the ears for women.
  • The recipient area is prepared by making small incisions in it.
  • The grafts are individually inserted into small incisions on the brow areas keeping n view the angle of insertion and orientation of transplanted grafts carefully.
  • As the surface of the face skin is very crucial to the aesthetics, a great care should be taken.

Post-Op Instructions

  • After the procedure is done you are ready to go home with certain instructions by your surgeon.
  • The recovery takes 2 weeks and itching or rubbing the treated area is asked to be avoided.
  • Regular trimming and normal styling can be done after the procedure.
  • Visible results can be seen within 6 months at a minimum and they are sustainable and positive by following surgeon’s instructions regularly.

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