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March 1, 2017
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March 2, 2017

Nowadays, hair transplantation is on its highest peak as more and more people are adopting it to get rid of their hair loss issues. Transgenders are also in the race of getting such treatments to enhance their beauty. Transgenders are too much concerned about their beauty and they want to boost their appearance by using different methods. Seeking a hair restoration is not a bad idea as hair plays a critical role in the appearance of any person. If you are experiencing hair loss and it is impacting your life badly then it is the time to go for hair transplantation.

Transgender patients are no different than any other patient who is seeking hair restoration services. the issue that occurs in such cases is the change of a masculine hairline to the feminine hairline. The frontal scalp of the transgenders are masculine dominated that needs to be turned in themost feminine. Also, the further hairs are thin that are required to be volumized.

The first issue can be easily resolvable by using a hair restoration technique. FUE hair transplant is mostly used for this purpose. The second is usually triggered by the testosterone. Anti-testosterone medicines are prescribed to the patients to deal with this issue. However, these medicines just slow down the issue but it doesn’t stop baldness. The people who have genetic predisposition to develop DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are worried about taking medications.

Whenever you seek such treatment, you should go for a good hair transplant surgeon. An experienced and skilled surgeon always has a good understanding of all aspects. He knows about different facial features and proportional differences between the female and male hairline. These two hairlines are different from each other in different aspects, for example, the temple that is required to be renovated to provide a proper female shape, the placement and position of the hairline that starts from the eyebrow to the frontal area, and the difference of direction of the hair grafts. Surgeons need accurate and professional directions to meet the requirements whenever a transgender hair transplant is performed.

Hair Transplantation Serves As The Best Recommendation

Hair restoration service is known as the best recommendation to get positive and beautiful changes in your appearance. If you want to change your hairline from a masculine to feminine one, then you should go for such treatment. Different techniques are available in the market; you should choose one on the basis of your requirements. FUT transplant, stem cell surgery, and FUE Dubai are some of the most used techniques in this regard.

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