All You Need To Know About The Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai!

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July 7, 2017
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All You Need To Know About The Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai!

Are you searching how much a hair transplant in Dubai costs? The rates depend upon the nature of treatment technique being applied and how much is your hair loss. There are certain factors that govern the overall cost. This procedure has been the demand of many people facing baldness issues. The key to its success is that this procedure ensures permanent resort from baldness concerns. Who doesn’t want that?

Talking about cost it is an integral point to be kept at priority. That is why it is important to share with you some of the basic factors that constitute the overall rates of Dubai hair transplantation. There are some factors to keep in mind, while the total cost calculation is provided to you when you go for a consultation with a specialist.

Cost Calculations and Important Factors

  • The Grafts Requirement

The grafts are an integral part of this procedure. The cost relates directly to the number of grafts needed for the surgery. The calculation is done as the cost per graft. The exact amount is suggested by the trichologist in the consultation session by the quantity or size of the bald area of the scalp.

  • Technique Being Used

There are different techniques of this procedure that are applied keeping in view the nature of baldness. Every technique has its own specific usage of instruments and equipment. The sophistication of the equipment comes with the certain budget. Such as the FUE procedure, it demands extra sophistication that is why the equipment used is also sophisticated in nature.

  • The Surgeon’s Fee

The main performance in this procedure is carried out by the surgeon, and he has special expertise that makes him perform this procedure. The years of experience and best practices of the surgeon makes a specific reputation and position in the industry. So, more the expertise, more will be the fee structure. And to achieve best results, the expertise of the surgeon really matters the most.

  • Number of Sessions

The number of sessions depends upon the nature of baldness and again the grafts needed. The time consumed depends upon the number of grafts in the plan. More sessions will be required if the bald area is more. So it is to be duly noted that the per session cost also constitutes the overall cost.

The cost calculation keeping in view all the above factors is in the range from AED 7 to AED 50 per follicles graft, includes both surgical and non-surgical techniques. The overall cost may fluctuate if the baldness density is not so much. All of it can be consulted when a session is planned with a trichologist for you.

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