A New Female Hair Restoration Procedure Works Wonders

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August 3, 2016
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hair transplant in dubai

There are billions of women who are badly suffering from this severe hair thinning and balding pattern, and maybe you are the next one because this problem is tremendously increasing among women. That’s why more females are turning towards some new procedures that are providing more beneficial techniques to restore your hair.

Drug treatment for hair restoration:

There is a special drug treatment introduced for women’s hair restoration. This topical drug is named as Minoxidil and it helps every woman to have thicker and stronger hair. Men who are experiencing male pattern baldness have been also using this effective and FDA approved drug for a while, and now it is successfully available to treat female hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia:

Women mainly compose almost 60% of the patients who consult doctors to get best solutions for hair thinning and various balding spots. Although, there are multiple reasons why this hair loss happens with women, such as hormonal imbalances, wearing braids or ponytails to tight, extreme or fad diets and accidents causes. Most of the women who lose their hairs have almost the same conditions that every man has. This extreme cause is then genetically passed on and it is called Androgenic Alopecia. Another common name for this problem in men is male pattern baldness, but in women, it is known as female pattern hair loss but its effects are also similar like men. That’s why there are multiple services where you can get female hair restoration services in feasible manner. The expert doctors will be there to treat you efficiently.

Why Minoxidil is FDA approved?

The US FDA approved Minoxidil drug just because it can give full protection to your hair follicles from initial attack. So, female hair production process can easily continue. Now because of DHT presence which is a natural substance in human body, the hair follicles are shut down completely. DHT is actually set to bond with the unique receptors located on the roots or hair follicles. And then it gradually drains away all the nutrients and oxygen, which are specifically needed by the hair follicles to work properly. Minoxidil is actually going to bond with same unique receptors, but they also let all the necessary nutrients to get into the follicle where it is altered actually.

Proper way of using the drug:

Women who are looking for hair restoration will always need almost 2% solution of this Minoxidil drug, while men are simply allowed to use almost 5% concentration. So for these two cases, the solution should be applied to the scalp at morning, and then again at night. And it is also advisable to have thorough massage while applying.
If you also believe that you are experiencing this condition, Androgenic Alopecia, then I think you should first consult your doctor. There are many efficient doctors out there who can suggest a solution for hair restoration. But Dubai is one of the populous countries for this purpose, so it’s better to consider female hair restoration in Dubai where females can also get free advice from professional people. Good luck for your surgery!

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