A Female Hair Restoration Treatment That Works

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July 21, 2016
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August 1, 2016

Women are very particular about their looks. One of the most important parts of their personality is the hair. Long and luscious locks have long been considered as a symbol of femininity and beauty. By taking time and making plenty of efforts, the ladies are able to keep them in good health.
You might be surprised that not only men but also most women suffer from hair loss. The way in which the hair fall takes place is completely different. While men tend to have large bald patches on the scalp, women have a more even thinning from all areas and the occurrence of a completely bald area is very rare.
Let’s learn more about female hair loss and see if they are good candidates for a hair transplant surgery.

Female hair loss

It is caused mostly due to a condition known as the androgenic alopecia. It is a hereditary condition in which a male hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone is released in the body, which has very ill effects on the hair follicles. It is present in the females in small quantities. In women, androgenic alopecia is also known as female pattern baldness.
The hair thin a fair bit over a period of time. The thinning usually is not noticeable, though in older age it can become obvious. This type of hair trouble is best dealt with maintaining a good follicular hygiene and ensuring that the follicles get enough nutrition. Topical solutions like Minoxidil in certain strengths can also be used after consulting with a doctor.

Is hair transplant in option?

For a hair transplant surgery to be successful, a strong and mature donor area is a must. In men, that area is the back and the sides of the scalp as hair in these areas are resistant to the ill effects of DHT. In women, the hair loss is evenly distributed over the entire scalp and there is no clear donor area. If the hair is extracted and transplanted, it is likely to undergo loss in future as no hair on a female head can be surely said to be resistant to the said hormone. Plus the fact that they thin and do not go through extensive loss also makes surgical hair restoration less than ideal.

When can females get hair restoration?

There are certain cases in which females may need surgical hair restoration. In case of woman getting affected by male pattern baldness instead of the female pattern baldness, there is a good chance that such a person is a candidate. Most likely a strong donor area can also be found in such cases.
Women with traction alopecia can also benefit from surgical hair restoration in Dubai. Traction alopecia is the type of hair loss caused by constantly wearing tight hairstyles. Any other stress factor causing constant traction to the hair follicles can also trigger this type of hair loss.
If you have extensive hair loss and you are not sure as to what is causing the problem, you should see a doctor. They are in the best position to guide you on the best course of action keeping your particular needs in perspective.

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