8 important considerations while choosing your hair transplant surgeon in Dubai

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Choosing a hair transplant surgeon proves extremely difficult sometimes as you are quite confused about the procedure and have no ideas about which surgeon would be best for you. Especially if you are living in Dubai, then you might feel little difficult as you have loads of options but can’t find the reliable one. So here I am presenting some important considerations that could prove helpful for you when you will choose a hair transplant surgeon.

  1. Does your doctor feel you are a good candidate for transplant?

As we all know that every single person is a good candidate for this complicated hair transplant surgery. The doctor should always view your perfect level of hair loss before making any sound decision.

  1. How much training does your doctor have?

You want a doctor with experience in both hair restoration and facial plastic surgery. First, the success rate is going to be higher with an experienced doctor than with one just starting out. Second, doctors with training in facial plastic surgery are less likely to leave visible scars.


  1. How many hair transplant surgeries your doctor has performed?

While searching for some proficient hair transplant doctor, you should find for one who has performed thousands of successful surgeries over different people.  Instead of finding someone who is new and doesn’t have much good track record as you will not be able to see that how many transplants were successful.

  1. How well do you understand that what will happen during your surgery?

More information is always better as the key to success involves proper handling of these harvested follicles. Keeping these harvested follicles moist is also quite important. When you have a full team where every person has one specific role, then the possibility of something going wrong is quite reduced.

  1. What procedures will be used by the doctor?

Two patients are never alike. While choosing some best hair transplant doctor, you need a doctor who is skilled in multiple methods. While follicular unit micrografting (FUM/FUG) is also quite popular, there are several new benefits to follicular unit extraction (FUE). For everyone with some high hairline, a hairline lowering procedure can prove quite beneficial.

  1. Who will handle the consultation?

A good hair transplant doctor always takes care of his consultations. If the doctor sends a consultant, then just some basic sort of information should be discussed. And if that consultant begins to discuss some important specifics of the surgery and isn’t properly certified in hair transplant surgery then you should find a different doctor.

  1. Check some before & after pictures:

You should at least check dozen before and after photos before making your final decision. Check out those pictures that are much similar to your stage of hair loss and have some even hair texture and density.

  1. Find some best online reviews:

You can’t trust on every single review. For that reason, you should find some reviews and see what people are generally saying about the procedure. Check some detailed and specific reviews that have no marketing talk and are not written by different anonymous poster, or that have multiple grammar or spelling errors. In addition to that, always ensure that you read the positive and negative. Use all these reviews as guidance, but not as a replacement for checking multiple photos and also talk to some former patients.

All of the above mentioned considerations are important for every person who is looking for a best hair transplant Dubai in quite affordable manner. So when you are planning the surgery, check out the considerations twice before making any final decision.

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