8 Celebrity Actors Who Have Had Hair Transplants

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December 9, 2016
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8 Celebrity Actors Who Have Had Hair Transplants

There is nothing about which you should be ashamed if you are a young man and looking for the solution of your baldness. Hair loss doesn’t just occur due to aging but lots of other reasons play their role in it. Lots of people are spending happy and proud life with their baldness but if you don’t feel easy in such a way then you can go for a hair transplant. It is the best strategy that is used nowadays by various people.

You can see the examples of celebrities who have had hair transplants. They need to enhance and maintain their appearance that’s why they choose hair restoration technique to get rid of their baldness. Read on to know more about these celebrities.

Famous Celebrities who have had Hair Transplants

  1. Wayne Rooney – the English footballer has experienced thinning of hair at the age of 25 years. After some time, he had tweeted that he had gone through a hair transplant. He also shared his experience of hair transplantation with his followers. He was very happy by getting amazing results and transformation after this surgery.
  2. Matthew McConaughey – is famous due to his amazing looks. Most of the times, he remains shirtless to show off. He would like to keep this looks. So when a great personality like Matthew didn’t mind to get a hair transplant then why you feel hesitate?
  3. Elton John is recognized as one of the pioneers of hair transplant in the world of celebrities. The change in his personality is just obvious that no one can deny this fact that he has gone through a hair restoration surgery to enhance his looks.
  4. Mel Gibson – was elected as one of the 50 most appraising and beautiful people in 2006. Instantly, it was noticed that his skull that was the victim of thinning of hair got full of thick hair. Later on, it was confirmed by hidden sources that he had gone through a hair transplant. He stated that he feels proud and very happy with the new appearance.
  5. Dennis Miller a famous personality in the world of Radio and TV has provided confirmation about his hair restoration process. He declared that he had adopted different procedure before the year 2004. But when he noticed that no procedure was worth enough then he selected hair transplant. He got a successful transplant that enhanced his natural look.
  6. Bono – was about to lose all his hair but he got the best solution for his issue. With the hair transplantation technique, he got a head full of natural hair. Now he is more appraising among his followers and fans.
  7. James Nesbitt an Irish actor having an attractive personality has also had a hair transplant. However, he never hides it from his followers as he always becomes honest and open about his issues. Even he has made a promotional video for the clinic from where he had a transplant.
  8. Salman Khan – a top rated superstar of Bollywood has gain importance due to his acting skills and no doubt beautiful appearance has played an important role. He got his transplant from a well-known clinic of hair transplant in Dubai.

No Shame At Looking Your Best

No doubt, hair transplant has the capability to change the appearance of a person and a confirmation of boosting your career. If you want to enhance your look then you shouldn’t feel shame in it as it is your right. You cannot do anything with your genetic issues but for sure you can get rid of your hair loss.

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