5 Things You Need To Know About a Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai
How Much A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai?
July 21, 2017
The Hair Loss Struggle Is Not An Option Anymore
The Hair Loss Struggle Is Not An Option Anymore!
July 21, 2017
Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai

Men are fond of having different styles of beard nowadays because nowadays it is a symbol of global craze and sign of graceful masculinity. But this wishes many not come true for many who are having beard hair loss for any reason. It may be the result of any skin problem, scar or may be your genes are the cause behind it. The solution for it is now available with the beard hair transplant in Dubai.

Best Choice for Men with Beards

You may be thinking how it can happen? Yes, now surgical hair restoration is possible for your beard, as well as for the scalp. Many men nowadays are adopting this treatment in order to embrace their facial hair well enough to enhance their looks. If you are the one who is facing facial hair loss, then this treatment can be your only solution.

Here follows some important points that you need to know before going for this treatment.

  1. It is just like the usual hair transplant procedure that is done for your scalp. The healthy grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted to the affected areas of your beard. Your surgeon chooses the hair that matches your beard.
  2. The time taken for the procedure to be done depends upon the nature of baldness you are having. Normally 5 hours are evident to be booked for this procedure.
  3. The final results take time as well as the normal scalp hair restoration treatments do. The growth is normal like your other existing hair, so be patient until they finally show growth. The new growth is permanent and is as natural as your existing ones.
  4. It is a no pain treatment technically because the local anesthesia is given to the treatment area. It numbs that area from any incisions. The FUE hair transplant treatment is said to be innovative as less invasive and less painful because the follicular harvesting is done under local anesthesia skillfully by the surgeon.
  5. It is a permanent solution to baldness and that is the major benefit of this treatment. It is not a big surgical procedure to worry about and has rare chances of any complication.

Get the Best Treatment

At Dubai hair club, the highly trained staff has desired skills and experience to perform this procedure in an efficient way. The goal is to achieve natural outcome that is permanent and also as per our valuable clients’ requirements. The FUE hair transplant in Dubai has made it possible to achieve better results of facial hair restoration without scars.

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