4 Factors That Can Determine Good Hair Transplant Results

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June 1, 2017
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June 2, 2017

The latest scalp restoration procedure is gaining success due to its surety of providing permanent results. The team of professionals is committed to providing you the desired outcome. The better results are required by every candidate, who invests for hair transplant cost in Dubai. There are some factors, that if comply with the situation, can yield better results.

It is a known fact that scalp issues are common nowadays. Every men and womanare suffering from it. The reasons do differ in both but the cry is one that how to stop it. It is also a fact that as it’s a natural process, we cannot stop it. But surely we can do something that can halt the process and make the results through recovery.

So, it is also compulsory for you to know too, the essential factors that help you to achieve better results after the scalp restoration procedure. They are as follows:

  1. Healthy Donor Area

This surgical procedure involves harvesting the healthy grafts from the donor area so that these grafts are implanted to the bald areas. The donor area is usually the one not prone to any baldness disease or problem. So, when the grafts are extracted for surgery, they grow back easily after the recovery. The healthier the grafts at thedonor site, the sufficient graft availability will be possible for the transplant. The quality and the quantity is what that matters the most.

  1. Technique

It is important you are having the right technique being applied on you. Every technique is different like the FUE hairtransplant involves follicular extraction, not a strip method. So, it’s better to have a consultation with a good trichologist, who can suggest abetter option.

  1. Experienced Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon for this procedure is very important because a professional with desired expertise and hands-on experience with best practices can do better. An experienced surgeon knows how to handle any type of scalp or texture.

  1. Ideal Candidate

Being an ideal candidate for the hair transplant in Dubai just means that comply with all the desires requirements. A detailed consultation session with a trichologist is necessary, solely because he can analyze your scalp and the medical history. So that to confirm if you are eligible for the procedure, and can suggest you better on the treatment options.

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